August 31, 2007

Mercedes C-Class Estate, Two Words: "High-Class," "Homely"


When the gaffer's tape came off the new Mercedes C-Class Estate in advance of the Frankfurt Auto Show, the fellas over at Jalopnik just about had a wagongasm.

I remain unconvinced. Though it does look better than I expected, that's largely because my expectations were so beaten down by the Camry-esque spy shots. Now, though, I see a lot more GL-Class in the mix, which I will never get used to. But if the C-Class keeps even a few thousand people from buying that fugly truck, I guess I'll be pleased.

The press release on Jalopnik appears to be for the EU/UK launch, so I'm not entirely clear what engine options will be available in the US. But the no-cost sport option has become clear. In what can only be seen as a nod to the Miami-to-Boca aftermarket bling crowd, the C-Class will be offered in three models: "Classic, Elegance, and Avantgarde."

Avantgarde features a giant star embedded in the grille, SEC-style. Classic is the star-and-grille as we know it. And Elegance, if I'm reading this right, is a body-matched painted louver grille. Which sounds to me like a Ford Edge.

The most unintentionally revealing line of the super-long press release: "Inside, the attractively styled dashboard, the high-class materials and appealing colour schemes create a homely atmosphere." Indeed, we shall see.

Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate Revealed


I agree... better than the spy shots for sure. (Maybe it's the giant sport wheels and the sport grille? They both make it look way less like a Camry wagon.)

But then, I also like the '08 Jetta wagon more and more...

there are way too many ads appearing on this site. i just came back after a year offline and can't believe the amount of pixels devoted to shiny autos.
i think you rename the site daddy e-type jags!

[welcome back. The ads in the column to the right are limited in number by design. The editorial content is determined entirely separate from the ads. No car company has ever bought an ad, or even successfully wooed me for anything, though a couple have tried. I'd be stoked if Mercedes DID care enough about new dads and young families to want to advertise here, but I fear that my regular criticism of MBUSA makes that extremely unlikely to happen. And anyway, theJaguar was an XJS Shooting Brake conversion. awesome. -ed.]

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