August 27, 2007

Henry Hill: Wiseguy, Artist, Parent, Circumcision Fan


You may know Henry Hill--the original Wiseguy who informed [sic] Nick Pileggi's book which became Scorsese's and Liotta's Goodfellas--from a question in the Movies Edition of Trivial Pursuit that you bought at a garage sale for a quarter and placed in the guest bathroom.

But did you also know he's a working artist? And a parent? And a circumcision fan? And that I couldn't find a quote longer than three words from this Village Voice interview, because every fourth word is f*ck, and I'm still wary that my mom mentioned the amount of "language" on the site? Hey, at least she reads it.

Oh wait, here's a quote, about selecting subjects for his painting:’s just what comes into my head at that certain time. If I don't have any beers in me then my hands are shaking and I’ve got to do abstract.
Judging by the precision with which that gun, skyline, Eye-talian flag, and pizza are rendered--and by the pensive look in the artist's eye--Hill was primed and taut as a Rembrandt canvas for this one.

Goodfellas' Henry Hill Talks Art, the Tainted NBA Ref, and Circumcision [villagevoice via gawker]
Visit the Henry Hill Goodfella Artwork Store on eBay, most of it's $24.95+$3 shipping, and SFN (Safe For Nursery) []


Henry was on Howard Stern, where he said his adult circumcision was the "the worst mistake of my life"

[that must've been his sober response, or when he wasn't trying so hard to sell his paintings. -ed.]

does anyone know anything

about henrys irish background. i know his

farther was form irish ancesty. but does

anyone know which relative it was of henry

that was irish


Dad was an irish electrician. Mother was from Sicily.

henry hill is a american fucking rat and should have his balls cut off. In Mexico, I can make that happen! He is a gringo snitch and the son of a wannabe sicilian gypsy whore! And, a irish n***er father!

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