August 25, 2007

Freakonomicist Teaches Rock, Paper, Scissors, Not Bedtime Stories. NYT Makes Quiznos Commercial About Same


My second reaction to Freakonomicist Steven Levitt's strategy of focusing on teaching his kids the things they won't automatically pick up at school, like creativity, instead of math and reading: brilliant. [Note: for purposes of Freakonomics, "Creativity" is defined as, "a toddler destroying her sister at Rock, Paper, Scissors."]

My first reaction: Uhh, dude, what the hell is going on with that video??

My third through sixth reactions: an irrepressible urge to visit the pepper bar.

What Makes An Ideal Parent? [freakonomics blog at the nyt]

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You know how sometimes you're frittering time online, clicking links-just being lax, as my 3 year old would say-but then, in the middle of a nice juicy medical story, or maybe something from the news, or maybe even while scouting for porn, you click on an innocent enough looking link, and blamo your eyes fill with something so wretched steel wool and boric acid couldn't clean it?

Well, uh, thanks, Greg. I had never seen that Quiznos commercial before; suddenly I am rethinking even buying a TV.

[would it surprise you to hear that yeah, I do? -ed.]

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