August 23, 2007

Forget It, Jake. It's Rajasthan.

90-year-old Rajasthani farmer Nanu Ram Jogi and his wife Saburi, 50, are celebrating the birth of their new daughter, Girija Rajkumari. Girija is Nanu's 21st child. Saburi is his fourth wife. She had originally been married to Nanu's Number One Son, Shiv Lal, but when he died, Nanu suggested, rather than throw herself on the funeral pyre, she stick around for a while. Girija is their seventh child.

Nanu, an involved dad ["I will survive another few decades to take care of these kids!”] says his secret is eating lots of meat. According to the Times of London, Nanu "says that he plans to continue breeding for at least another decade."

Not mentioned in the article: any reaction from Times owner and ancient dad, Rupert Murdoch, 76. A spokesman said that, while "thrilled" for Nanu and Subari, Murdoch was too busy breeding with his 38-year-old third wife to comment.

Father, 90, shows off new baby - and wants more [timesonline via tmn]

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