August 21, 2007

RIP Kato Ryo, AKA DJ Klock, AKA A Kid's Dad

The kid's bouncing around, and rather than turn on the TV, I thought we'd both mellow out for a few minutes by watching Kenji Hirata's chill animated felt video for the equally chill "Theme" by DJ Klock, which was featured on DT in February. That's when I saw the sidebar that said Klock, who's name was Ryo Kato, took his own life in April, leaving behind his wife and young child.

dj_klock_kato_ryo.jpgBesides being the creator of the only music CD's I've bought in three years, I didn't know Klock at all. I had no idea who he was as a person, or that he was a husband and a dad.

But two artist friends I've known for years recently killed themselves, and over the last few weeks, their deaths have been a periodic source of baffling sadness for me. Which is still comparatively insignificant and manageable; just thinking of the pain and grief their families are going through [they were a couple, though they didn't have any kids] twists my stomach into knots.

I couldn't even begin to comprehend the effect of a dad's suicide on his family. Not exactly the kind of question you expect to deal with when you click on a sweet little YouTube video.

DJ Klock RIP at Spin Science and The Memory of DJ Klock at his European label, Rumraket
Previously: Soft, Smooth Stop-Action Felt Video for DJ Klock


We've ripped and watched that video so many times, I feel like i even know when the felt strips will get all jumbled. It's fantastic.

Sort of surreal when someone has a hidden moniker also ends up having a real life behind that name. Like you, i guessed that someone named DJ Klock was some single guy rockin' the underground scene.


Oh, crap. That really stinks.

I'm just listening to Klock's San album; you can hear little samples of a child -- probably his -- on some of the songs. How sad.

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