August 20, 2007

Bwahaha, Handknit Lemmings Plunging Off Handknit Cliff


[pet-killers: 1, peer-reviewed science: 0!] In the classic 1958 nature documentary White Wilderness, filmmakers for the Walt Disney Company faked a lemming migration and over-the-cliff suicide plunge using pet lemmings they bought from Inuit children. As a result, and despite the accepted science of lemming behavior, generations of children have grown up believing the whole like-lemmings thing.

But as long as it results in snuggly-adorable soft toys like Mochimochi Land's cliff-diving lemmings, I am totally on board. Look at those cute, little legs sticking out of the water! And how they scramble back up the hill to do it again! If only it were called Splash Mountain...

Swimming Lemmings by Mochimochi Land [flickr]
High Concept Softies [softiescentral]

1 Comment

That - is fantastic.

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