August 19, 2007

Electricity Aquarian? Oh, It's A Source Family Name.

Isis, Omne, Magus, Electra, Orbit, Electricity, Djin, Sunflower, Damian, Lotus, Goddess, Octavius, Pythias, Rhythm, Sol Amon, Aquariana, Zoraster, Ahom, Omega, "cannot remember his name."


Those are some of the first names I rounded up of members of The Source Family, a commune/cult which developed around a charismatic ex-Marine named Father Yod in the early 1970's. They all share the same last name: Aquarian.

The Source Family operated a famous organic vegetarian restaurant on Sunset Blvd. They cruised around town en masse, wearing flowing robes, and driving eight matching VW buses and a white Rolls Royce. They put out some now-legendary LP's of psychedelic music. And then they'd retire to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where 150 of them lived in plywood pods and practiced a kind of "kundalini opportunism" that produced 51 babies in three years.

Men were forbidden from pursuing women, and they had to agree to service any woman who asked. But behind a liberated-sounding veneer, the lingo pointed to some pretty retrograde attitudes. [E.g., "Octavius's description of sex in a communal pod: "If you had a woman, you could remove a partition."] Father Yod himself had 13 'spiritual wives.' Home birth was the norm. The Perfect Aquarian Mother reoriented her entire life around her child until the age of seven. Which must have freed up the men to play in the band.


As the first baby born in the Source Family, Sol Amon got his pictures on the album cover. Thirty five years on, shouldn't Sol Amon and the other 50 Aquarian babies be in their own parenting prime?

Cult group started a home unlike all others [image, too: latimes via boingboing]
Ya Ho Wha 13 interview []

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My grandfather was a Unitarian minister; I recall meeting around of my age Wilderness Starchild at a Unitarian church on Cape Cod.

And the yearly register of names my Vermont town publishes included a Misty Shores last year. Her career choices are kind of laid out for her there.

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