August 18, 2007

Sweet Sweet Maximo Toy Box Discovered At Target


Kind of.

Tina posted about finding these great-looking, fabric-lidded toy bins at Target.

The bins are made by Nico Schweizer's Zurich-based Tower of Toy Awesomeness, Momoll. And Tina randomly met Schweizer's wife at Target on Long Island.

Kinderhocker Maximo, by Christof D├╝rrenberger, CH190 [ via swissmiss]
Previously: Please, Sir, Can I Have Some Momoll?


Damn. I was ready to get in the car and drive to Target.

Go ahead kelli. At our local (Philly) Target, the like-a-bike knockoff is on clearance for $12.49 and all the other good stuff in the one good aisle is on super clearance too, like those klapa/klafa/kalpa blocks for $7.00.

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