August 16, 2007

Sweet Ikeahack: Gulliver Crib + Thinply + Router


Wow. I don't know what's more shocking: the sweet DIY goodness that resulted from this classic Ikea Gulliver crib and some specialty lumber, or the fact that an Ikea somewhere didn't have a Gulliver in stock, and the expectant parents had to resort to Craigslist. Either way, it's win-win.

The basic howto:

  • get two sheets of laminate-finished Thinply cut to match the dimensions of a Gulliver crib.
  • use the ends as a template to drill the holes. Route out your careful, safe, non-projecting design. Sand like crazy.
  • put together your $200 modernist crib.
  • send to Ikea Hacker. [thanks to dt reader cam]


    I would have taken the router to the top edges and corners too. They look great, but sure are pointy.

    yeah, shawn, that's what i said! those pointy corners + jumping toddler = a scary situation

    that is really cool. i just went to get a gulliver crib today (out of stock - they're driving me crazy) but i have to show my husband this. it's a great idea!

    "or the fact that an Ikea somewhere didn't have a Gulliver in stock"

    The Dallas-area store (in BFE Frisco) didn't have Gulliver in stock for months when baby #1 was born 18 months ago and I'll be darned, they don't have Gulliver in stock now! Maybe we'll drive to Austin or Houston between now and August, when baby 2.0 arrives.

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