August 13, 2007

Unavailable Wagon News From All Over


I knew that the Jetta SportWagen Clean Diesel waitlist wouldn't start moving until next year, but how come I didn't hear that even the gas-engine variants are delayed? Something about a factory fire destroying a bunch of cylinder heads. Is anyone on that list, btw? [vwvortex forums]

A Jalopnik reader in Dubai spotted a Mercedes E-Class Wagon prototype. It looks awful, like a CR-V entering a wormhole. If there's any justice, the A/C on the designer's test mule broke down.

On the bright side--and by bright, I mean, the Earth becoming more like Venus, thanks to all the gas your 600hp, turbocharged, 5.2-liter V10 will consume--WorldCarFan has spy photos [top] of the much-rumored Audi RS6 Avant. And yes, it's confirmed: Kate Spade will be doing the exterior. [worldcarfans via jalopnik]

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What's it covered in? Snakeskin? Hounndstooth check? Weird.

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