August 12, 2007

Whoa. Sick Hamptons Playhouse


So an architect-designed playhouse sold for $790 on eBay? Big whoop. For that, you could sink a couple of posts on this wood-and-steel mesh outfit. It's on Long Island--judging by the Lilly Pulitzer and the loafers and the neighboring agricultural preserve, I'm going to go with Sagaponac--and it was designed by architect Thomas Phifer soon after he flew the blinding whiteness of Richard Meier's nest.

The NY Times regrets the error of mis-spelling the architect's name as Pfifer in its July 4, 2002 story on sweet, new treehouses. Also, the NY Times reader regrets not selling his dotcom stock when he had the chance.

update: eh, not the Hamptons. The original NYT article mentions views of the Fire Island lighthouse across the bay, so this joint's in Islip or someplace.

They recently built a grown-up version in the Hudson Valley [nytmag]
Thomas Phifer & Partners []

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