August 12, 2007

Icon Mag: Kids Designer Furniture? Bring On The Recession

The cheeky British architecture and design magazine Icon is calling for a recession to help out the overheated, over-indulgent design world. Can you guess what the second most noxious symptom is after "the cult of celebrity"?:

Designer furniture for children
As the expanding design economy thrusts towards new markets, children have become the latest target. Between Habitat’s VIP kids range, which includes dolls designed by Yves Saint-Laurent, and Vitra’s diminutive version of the Panton chair, anyone would think kids care about such things. Do we really want image-conscious toddlers?
Sweet, to the ramparts! [P.S.: Bring cardboard furniture and DIY Campana-esque stuffed animal chairs. And grapes and some Newman's Own or other organic snacks. And hats. There's not much shade on the ramparts.]

Why design needs a recession [ via bldgblog]

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