August 10, 2007

Think Of The Cardboard Children


An Ohio man put a lifesized cardboard cutout of a kid out by the road to slow down speeders. And it works! At least until Friday night, when the shootin'-mailboxes-for-fun crowd gets off work at Cracker Barrel.

It still works for the beleaguered silly-headlines-for-fun crowd in local TV newsrooms, though.

Cardboard Children Used To Slow Neighborhood Speeders
Homeowners Associations Calling To Buy Children


I see a crying-wolf outcome eventually, in which drivers stop slowing for real kids because they think they're just cardboard cutouts, if neighborhood associations start putting these everywhere.

Sheesh. The way people blow down our road, they probably wouldn't slow down even if you put the cardboard kid in the middle of the street. Now, maybe if the cardboard was on fire...

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