August 9, 2007

Bakfiets In America! Bike Carriers In The NYT


The NY Times has a round up of new baby seats and carriers for bikes, including the WeeRide Kangaroo, some trailers [But not the Cougar Chariot?] and the Dutch bikebox, Bakfiets! suhweet.

And yes, though the Bakfiets could hold a keg and a car seat, why not use a purpose-built bierfiets instead?


New bike kid seats [nytimes]
Previously: Bakfiets: Dutch family bike for the fellas

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We bought the Weeride last year... they're totally on the mark about having to ride bowlegged and the hand rest doubling as a place for the kid to sleep. However we had fit issues with both of our bikes, but then, my bike is the biggest Trek aluminum mountain bike they make, and my wife's is probably the smallest adult bike size so we're not in the average size range they designed it for. I managed to install it on my bike after bending the soft plastic on the front clamp though.

It's the best way to go for small kids as far as I'm concerned; it's a lot like the baby-wearing vs. stroller argument... with the child in front of you, you can have a conversation, point things out, and she can see the scenery a lot better than in a trailer.

Now if only our civic workers' strike would end and they'd get back to cleaning up the storm damage on the great bike path around the seawall...

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