August 8, 2007

Bugaboo Bee Ride Doesn't Cost 50 Cents, Doesn't Play "It's A Small World After All"


Some knucklehead left his brand new Bugaboo Bee on the street in front of Two Boots pizza, a known den of lactivist agitation in Park Slope.

Then he took a picture of it, folded it up, parked it inside, had a delicious sopressata pizza with the family, and went back to write about his inordinate stroller fascination in the the third person. [And to thank the Bugaboo PR folks for the test drive.]


What are you going to do to feed your addiction when the kid is too big for strollers? :)

[you mean like today, when she didn't want to ride back, but to push it instead? -ed.]

Shoot, I thought the only rivers you crossed were the Hudson and the Delaware. And now you make an appearance in Brooklyn? To see you would be like sighting the diet Welch's Grape Soda in Key Food (rare, but glorious).

[we have a Manhattan license plate, and I frankly get worried whenever I go over there, that some Slope zealot's gonna key our car. Lots of parking, btw. pretty sweet. -ed.]

Man, you think this bonehead would have written a little more about how he liked it...

We got more of a review of the pizza than the Bee...

[he says it was worth every penny! and that he'd write more, except his neighbors rather selfishly forgot to reboot the wireless connection. -ed.]

"...he says it was worth every penny!"

But I thought you said it was a test drive courtesy of the Bugaboo PR folks? Or maybe you were referring to the pizza. :)

Seriously, though, what's the weight limit for the Bee? It sure doesn't look as sturdy as other Bugaboos.

[I was making a joke about and acknowledging the fact that I haven't shelled out actual cash money at this point to buy the stroller. 37.5 lbs and 41.5 inches. I'm planning a side-by-side comparison with our Cameleon, but the Bee handle actually does feel sturdier to me. They improved the extender mechanism. But yeah, it doesn't power over curbs and sidewalk cracks like the big-tired strollers, so in that sense, it feels more cautious/fragile. -ed.]

Having read your blog for awhile now, and being a Daddy who's equally fascinated with all things Bugaboo, I thought I'd pass along a point of interest. While returning our recalled Rainforest swing (which Dimple has outgrown anyways) to Babies R Us here in Ottawa, Canada I witnessed the Frog (black and red models) and accessories rolling out on the floor last night. Sales staff also mentioned that they'd be carrying a more compact model (the Bug perhaps?) in September.

Looks like I know what our credit will be going towards.

[The Bee, I'm guessing, when it goes wide next month. Select BRU stores started carrying the Frog at the end of June. -ed.]

Hmm...I thought I didn't like the khaki, but think I changed my mind. How high will the handle extend? Really nice to see one in a "real life" situation. Maybe more outdoor shoot, as we all know no one's leaving one outside like that, at least not chained up anyway :)
Anyway, glad to see it lives up to its glossy photos.

Got an email response from Bugaboo customer service coordinator stating:
"The Bugaboo Frog breezy canopy has just hit store shelves!"
I'm at a loss as to what store shelves they're hitting- because I've googled and searched again & haven't found any.?
-It's a promise of breezy days to come for us archaic Froggers.(sigh)

I hate that damned curved bar. I'm sure it makes sense, but I like the other Bug's straight lines.

Ooh, yeah, more info on where to get a breezy canopy for our Frog! Especially if you find a place that will give me a free cupholder, too...

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