July 29, 2007

SDCCspotting: Coney Plush & Neighborwood DIY Kit


Here are a couple of interesting-looking SDCC finds from Kidrobot's photostream:

Up top is a DIY version of Mike Burnett's awesome Neighborwood toy figure. When it comes to the preferred mediums of the indie toy scene, wood is a distant third after vinyl and plush, which is too bad. As Burnett's own Neighborwood collaboration exhibition and the jaw-dropping awesomeness of Takeji Nakagawa's Take-G toys demonstrate, wood has plenty of creative potential for contemporary designers. Let's hope they start exploring it.

Anyway, the Neighborwood DIY Blank Wood Sculpture is a small, handmade edition produced by Bigshot Toys; they said on the kidrobot forums that it'll retail for $35-40, stay tuned.

On the lower shelf, is the cool but slightly kid-problematic Coney plush series by artist Brian Taylor, aka Candykiller. The simple 2-colors-on-cotton style looks really fresh. The cigarettes are totally in character, but--and maybe this is a difference between parents and kidults--if I give the kid a toy, I expect its butt on the back.

If you don't mind the smoke, Bigshot's producing the Coney plushes as a 500-piece edition, with 100 of the b/w. It has a sandbag weight in the base, and will go for $35-40.

image: "at Toy Qube" from kidrobot!'s flickr stream [flickr]
OMG! Another Wood Toy from Big Shot!! and Candykiller Coney plush by Big Shot Toyworks [forums.kidrobot.com]
Previously: Mister Burnett's Neighborwood


Hey I was just checking out the site and saw that you featured our stuff!!! Thanks!

We are hard at work with mike and Brian on these and other projects.

feel free to say hi anytime!

this site is awesome! I have a 6 year old my partner is about to have his first


Thanks for showing off the Mike Burnett and Brian Taylor pieces, we're really pleased to be working with both of them.

I visit this site nearly everyday, in preparation for the impending little girl who is about to join the household. I can't believe I missed this post!


[you were probably at a giant comic convention. congrats*3 -ed.]

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