July 27, 2007

No, Wait, I've Got It: Bugaboo Banzai


If they can stand to stick around that long, regular readers will know that my awakening to the minimalist awesomeness that is was the Bugaboo Gecko can be pinpointed to the Spring, around the discovery of the Gecko with kustom pinstriping and the Gecko's all-silver, ventilated Breezy Sun Canopy.

Well, Gecko who? Gecko wha? Never heard of 'em. The upcoming Bee has an all-silver Breezy Canopy, too. And just check out the seatback on that thing: It's Aeon Flux. The Matrix. T-2. Transformers. Oh wait, not Transformers, that totally sucked. Come to think of it, so did Aeon Flux, and the two Matrix sequels, and T-3. What's left? Alien with Winona Ryder? Blade Runner? Tron?

Bugaboo Bee Breezy Sun Canopy, $39.95 on pre-order for August [heh] shipment [tinyride.com]
Previously: All Hail the Kustom-Pinstriped Bugaboo! Part 1
Here Comes The Breezy Sun Canopy


After having seen that Bee video, I don't think you will be able to use that canopy. The seatback looks way too short for a toddler (even the one in their own video).

A big double BOO to Bugaboo for continuing to sell the Frog but blowing off its owners by not introducing new products, like the Breezy Canopy, made for the Frog. Boo Boo Bugaboo.

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