July 24, 2007

Baby Mama Drama: "Diddy Wrote A Song About It. Like To Hear it? Here It Goes."

Good news for all the dads out there whose baby mamas pack up and move across the country, taking their newborn twins, after they've been busted for hooking up with D-list actresses: Sean Combs has a new sympathy video for you to use to get them back. It stars himself with a stripper, a couple of well-lit bottles of Ciroc vodka, a Carrera GT, and a posse member rapping all the sensitive parts about how bad dad must be feeling in such a situation.

Of course, it might only work for guys whose baby mama is named Kim; guess Diddy didn't want to boil the ocean on the emotional turmoil of stepping out on your lady.

Diddy & Mario Winans: "Through The Pain (she told me) Dear Kim" [wmg.com via sohh.com via gawker]

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