July 19, 2007

There's A Reason Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzels Are Shaped Like Crack Pipes

Because they're freakin CRACK.


The kid first found these in the nursery at church, then she had a bag at my mom's--a bag-a-day, more like--now we can't stop. That's right, I've switched from Red Vines to Rold Golds. If anyone has Fresh Direct's beeper number, hit me up.


I so agree they are like crack. there has to be something in those because they are very addictive.

Our son has had a pretzel habit for over a year now. From the time he finishes breakfast to the moment he climbs in the bath at night he carries a baggy of them. We ran out a couple of weeks ago and it set off a serious jones in the boy. Is there some kind of methadone for this? Our pediatrician said they're better than those damned goldfish but whether it's pretzels or goldfish, I feel like I am prepping him for life as a barfly.

Snyders of hanover- honey mustard & onion...now that's crack.

maybe in the absence of veggie booty, you start rolling the kid up some nice ROLD GOLD MAKI.

[Nori Blunts -ed.]

Feh. Rold Gold don't hold a candle to Trader Joes Honey Wheat. Makes up like 50% of our kids diet somw days.

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