July 19, 2007

Hand-Knit Fruits & Vegetables From London, Eng-uh-land


Innocent Drinks, the Nantucket Naked Jambodwalla Juice of England, sure loves themselves some knitting. DT reader Eim tells me the kid's grandma-knitted iPhone made it into the newletter this week [screenshots, anyone?]. Also, they featured some fair-trade knitted fruit from London knitshop All the Fun of the Fair a couple of days ago. Also, they're trying to knit the world's longest bunting. [Stay crazy, England!]

Hm. That's supposedly a pineapple at 3 o'clock, and a banana at 7. Guess it's fairly knitted in a country where they have a familiarity with neither. AtFatF's vegetables look more like vegetables, though. There's a different rattle for each day. Pip pip, carry on, then.


[ed. note: Germany, France, Holland, UK, I guess we need amusing visual posts from the other EU countries now, too. ]

handknit Five-a-day Vegetable Rattle Set, £17.50 [allthefunofthefair.biz via innocentdrinks.typepad.com]

1 Comment

Absolutely amazing ! I'm knitting cupcakes at the moment. I can't wait to move onto bigger and better things. Fabulous.

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