July 18, 2007

Rubber Duckie Gigantique Par Florentijn Hofman

Oh la la, ca c'est le freakin' plus grandest Rubber Duckie que j'ai jamais vu!


You may know Florentijn Hofman from the Rotterdam housing block he painted electric blue. Or from the 50-foot-tall inflatable green bunny he installed on the street. Well, Rotterdam's apparently too small or too far from the water [?] for his latest project, Canard de Bain, which is part of "Loire Estuary 2007", a 40-mile long string of public art installations between Nantes and St. Nazaire at the mouth of the Loire River.

Hofman's site is down, probably after Wooster Collective sent tens of thousands of Rubber Duckie fans its way.
Check the Loire Estuary 2007 site for a list of the 30 artists [my boys Atelier van Lieshout and Tadashi Kawamata, but not one American!], maps, and calendars [estuaire.info]


Yikes! I once had a dream like that, except the ducky was fighting Godzilla and had a flame thrower

QUICK- call Christo to wrap it up and send it my me for our lake (pond/swamp depending which map you are reading). My ducky lovers would smile a rainbow. Thanks for cheering me up.

If only Florentijn had pulled this together before the Atlantic Monthly Rubber Duckie story.

[Harpers, but definitely. Actually, I wonder if that cover was the inspiration. -ed]

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