July 18, 2007

Hot NY Trend: Tibetan Nannies Teach Kids How To Be Oppressed By Kids With Chinese Nannies

When daddytypes was born, I started the category UrbanBabyWatch. The idea was to sift through the impenetrable archives of just-the-girls talk and pull out those rare, invaluable, or at least useful, nuggets of information dads needed to know. Screw that.

Turns out there are plenty of dads and moms NOT on UB who are able to provide the same advice, and who don't ramble on about the difficulties of spending their husband's bonus--and who don't treat hiring a nanny like choosing a restaurant ["You feel like Mexican or French tonight?"] or this season's must-have accessory ["Tibetan nannies are the new Chinese nannies."]

But maybe I was wrong, because it's damn entertaining reading the NY Observer's Urbanbaby-sourced article about how New York moms [sic] want Tibetan nannies now because they are "very balanced and Zen." Drives me crazy, and I don't want these parents and their outsourced kids anywhere near my child, but it sure is entertaining.

Wanted: Tibetan Nannies: New York parents seek status, supposed Buddhist calming influence [observer.com]


Does it even occur to any of these people how racist they sound?

Hey, no point in (the New Yorkers) being ignorant if they can't show it . . .

[guess "New Yorker nannies" won't be a hot trend any time soon -ed.]

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