July 18, 2007

DT Good News/Bad News Roundup

Just some headlines that might be of interest to the daddy types out there. First, the good news:

  • Good News: Sugar cereal companies are all scrambling to look responsible by not advertising too-sugary cereal to little kids. Bad News: They're only taking these zero-impact measures to head off lawsuits and federal regulation. [nyt]
  • Good News: The Senate held oversight hearings on the safety of toys, food, and other products under the current "Free trade on the cheap" approach. Consumerist has an entertaining liveblogging account. Bad News: No one, not CPSC [see 11:43], not FDA [1:02] wants more funding for more inspections or any more regulatory power to do jack about jack. The CPSC sent one staffer--ONE!--to China this year to meet with manufacturers and hold some safety seminars. We are on our own, people. Bad But Amusing News: Senators wouldn't know a "Tommy The Train" or "Thomas Train" if they had it handed to them in a faux-outraged speech transcript.
  • Good News: Denise reports that ModMom Furniture is flourishing, "moving onto new pieces," while "discontinuing making some of them," ie., the ones she copied from other designers. Mid-century Toy Box is still going strong, and Lego's lawyers haven't called about the trademark thing. Also, I'm an uncredentialled jerk who should mind his own business, so really, it's win-win. Bad News: none comes to mind.
  • Good And Entertaining News: A DT reader who knew "Shel [Silverstein]" back in the day on Martha's Vineyard when his son Matthew was 3 says that Roger Sutton's right: Shel never intended The Giving Tree to be for kids. "Shel was invariably infuriated by his son's mentions of that book," we are told, which little Matthew used to call "Apple Tree, Apple Tree." Bad News: More friends of Shel Silverstein haven't written me yet. Also, Clement Hurd's friends. [makes typing pantomime gesture and mouths "E-M-A-I-L-M-E"]

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    Maybe you're an uncredentialled jerk who should mind his own business, but wow, I'd never visit a blog written by that shrill harpy. "You're just jealous" is the most unconvincing arguement on the Internets, short of "I bet you don't get any."

    Bad news: Denise will probably continue to comment.

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