July 17, 2007

Tupperware Noah's Ark Triggers Flood Of Childhood Memories


So DT reader Tim writes about how their 1-yo son loves playing with their older friend's Tupperware Noah's Ark when they go to visit. And I'm like, "Tupperware Toys? Are you kidding me? I had no idea!"

And sure enough, there's a Noah's Ark for sale right now on eBay. Though an unidentified pair of animals has already gone extinct from the set, the friendly Canadian eBayer is generously augmenting the doll gene pool by adding four extra Tuppertoy people.


But when I Googled up some info on these mysterious Tuppertoys, I was blown away. We had almost every single one of these things as kids. That Shape-O ball? Those Zoo-it-Yourself animals? The School Yard, the Totempails, you name it, we had it. I always assumed that School Yard was Fisher-Price, but I guess not.

My mom must've had a giant "Invite Me" sign pinned on her back; how many Tupperware Parties did it take to accumulate all that stuff?

Tupperware TUPPERTOYS NOAH'S ARK + extras ~ VINTAGE, starting bid: $6.95 + $10s/h, ends July 23 [ebay via tim]
Search for other Tupperware Toys on eBay [ebay]
Tupperware Toys: 1965-1989 [tupperdiva.com]


Damn that Noah. Who knows how many animals went extinct because of his carelessness?? (Besides the unicorn, of course. And maybe dinosaurs.)

I didn't know that shape sorter was Tupperware too. Our friend ended up giving my now 2-year old son the ark, as her children have mostly flown the coop. It's one of his kiddie pool favorites. The missing animals in the eBay auction must be rhinoceroses, as we have at least one of those.

Hey, they still sell the Shape-O: http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/tup_show_item.show_item_detail?fv_item_category_code=7000

We had a Shape O ball and the Zoo it yourself animals when we were kids.
My mom bought a Shape O for my kids. They are great toys!

Man oh man, I am so into the Shape-O toy.

In a post on BabyRoadies I revealed that it was the only reason I wanted to have a kid.

[whatever helps you get the job done! -ed.]

My parents didn't save many of my childhood toys, but the Shape-O and all of the shapes somehow miraculously survived. I had no idea it was tupperwear.

Both of my kids love playing with it. My daughter carefully sorts the shapes and puts them in the right hole; her little brother hurls the ball around, pulls it open and dumps the pieces and gives everything a good chew.

Fun times all around.

I was a Tupperware lady back in the day...so my kids had all the toys that I thought wouldn't drive me crazy. I still have the Noahs Ark and was crazy about keeping all the peices. Once my grandchildren started playing with them, again crazy about keeping all the peices. Of course, my daughter not so crazy...ahem...lost the male zebra. Today I went on e-bay and found what I needed, BUT, included are a GREEN polar bear...what's up with that? I have never seen a set with a green polar bear. Anyone have any ideas?

Are these Tupperware toys under life warranty?

Almost ALL Tupperware products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty... meaning that if it's a product defect it can and will be replaced with either the same product, a similar product or a credit will be issued if neither of those options are available. If it's defected by user error... make friends with a Tupperware Lady and I bet she'll/he'll take care of getting you a replacement... in exchange for hosting a party!!!!

My grandchildren are now playing with the Noah's ark set that belonged to my children. One of the toys I couldn't part with and I am so glad. You can use the animals as cookie cutters too.

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