July 16, 2007

Creative Playthings Amphibious Assault Vehicle On eBay


The description says this is a trolley/street car, but anyone this side of Fallujah knows better. It's a maquette from a top secret, Cold War-era envisioning project for the Rand Corporation, in which Creative Playthings, Disney and others were commissioned to imagineer the toys that future Marines would grow up with, thereby streamlining their training requirements and enhancing their combat readiness. [In the 80's, the same research program launched the video game industry and Bratz, which were designed to look like the local working girls around the naval base at Subic Bay.] This is obviously an early version of the AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, the upgraded version of the LTV-7, introduced in 1972.

Another clue: with an opening bid of $59.50+16.20 s/h, these are definitely targeted at the $600 toilet seat procurement crowd. There's also a tilt-bed truck and a cop car, both looking great but beat to hell, included in the auction.

Three (3) Creative Playthings Work Vehicles US, auction ends July 20

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Just a quick comment to say that your comment on the Bratz dolls and Subic Bay caused me to spit Coke through my nose. I'll send you the cleaning bill...

[next time you get a free one, OK, Joe? -ed.]

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