July 14, 2007

HIV Amigurumi Toy: Use Protection When You Play


Etsy artist Le Petit Bijou will donate $3 of each purchase of this hand-crocheted amigurumi HIV to Blood:Water Mission, an NGO which provides clean water to health care facilities in Africa. BWM was founded by the members of the slightly Christian Nashville rock band, Jars of Clay [1].

The virus uses "child-safe plastic eyes," but they could still come off, as could that little red ribbon. Even with toy HIV, it's important to take precautions about what goes into your loved one's mouth.

HIV Virus for Charity Pre-order, $9 [etsy via notcot]

[1] When I say "slightly Christian," I mean the music, not the band members. At least compared to Vessels of Clay, the "Full-time Evangelistic Southern Gospel Preaching & Singing Ministry" which uses a different translation of the Bible.

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Or, on the other hand, if you're not into Christian charity, you can just buy a bunch of plush microbes.

[I don't know; the kid could tell the difference. When we tried to point out she already had a rhinovirus, she was all, "But I want a KNITTED virus." I have a feeling the iPhone-knitting Grandma won't be so accommodating to pleas of "I want HIV!" -ed.]

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