July 11, 2007

Spy Shots: Bugaboo Furniture Undergoing High Altitude Testing In Park City


So we're driving down the freeway in Park City the other day, and I came across a top secret R&D lab where Bugaboo is testing a new line of children's furniture.

Too early to tell what the designs are going to be like; the test mules I saw were heavily disguised by tole painting or shabby chic distressing techniques. But they were almost all made out of wood and looked surprisingly traditional.

The people there didn't sound very Dutch, but I guess it's inspired by the lace-curtains-and-wooden-tulips-in-crockery school of Dutch design that doesn't get as much attention from the narrow-minded design press.

No word on release dates, but the initiative was reportedly launched last October, just in time to test the product with Bugaboo's existing affluent, ski home-having market segment. Stay tuned. According to the website, they also sell strollers.

Buga-Boo Children's Furniture and Accessories [buga-boo.com]


Can we get a pool together for the date of the first cease-and-desist letter?

You've got to be kidding me. Idiots. Chris, I'll put five bucks on tomorrow.

Cease and desist? Don't you see the hyphen? Totally different. I notice that they don't carry Bugaboo strollers- too bad, that would have been a funny conversation with the rep.

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