July 11, 2007

Holy Moses! Wicker & Chrome Pram On eBay


Not a lot of info on this pram, just that it says, "Presty, Made in France" on the label. Oh, and it's made of airy wicker and heavy chromed tubular steel, it's in mint condition, and it's FREAKIN' AWESOME. Maybe that's what the Riviera needs: more pristine wicker prams.

But let the Riviera solve its own problems. You've gotta figure out what the hell to do with a beautiful, anachronistic, bulky wicker pram with no shade or storage after you hit the "Buy it Now" button. Good luck with that.

Expert Update: in the comments, the curator of the Pram Museum [seriously, who knew? plan your summer 08 vacations now.] tentatively identifies this model as an elusive Presty "pastiche." Should give you some negotiating room on that opening bid...

result: no bids

AMAZING VINTAGE PRESTY FRANCE CHROME BABY STROLLER MINT, auction ends July 15th, starting bid $199, BIN $299 [ebay via, again, the strollerqueen]


I can't say for sure -- French prams are not my specialty -- but this looks like a pastiche to me, not the real thing. Both frame and Moses basket are sweet, but they probably don't belong together.

When the chassis is engineered this well, the pram bed normally fits perfectly -- which this basket notably does not. You can see in the photo that the basket is too small for the frame.

BTW, the listing says that the basket is suspended by leather straps -- it's not: The upper part of the chrome frame is attached to the lower chassis by straps. The basket is just sitting on top of two metal crossbars -- the original bed would have had something more closely resembling a friction fit.

Nice (two) pieces, though!

[pastiche is french for gorgeous, right? -ed.]

Something's been bugging me about those photos. I think there's a chance this is a doll pram, not one for human babies. If I were bidding, I'd ask for dimensions.

The seller, who admits he/she doesn't know strollers, may be making an incorrect assumption here.

Many of older (and better) European doll prams were/are considerably larger than most contemporary US doll buggies, but definitely not baby-size. Someone who isn't a pram fiend may not realize the difference.

My previous comment still holds, though -- likely the original bed fit properly, even if it was for a doll.

Just FYI.

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