July 11, 2007

1962 Citroen DS Wagon, Restored, No Reserve


I don't know why I torment myself like this. I really want to live a life where a 45-year-old French station wagon with hydropneumatic suspension and no rear seat belts is the most natural car in the world to drive.

Because then I would to the most logical thing: buy this example with the nice-looking restoration, then head to California with the ladies and drive it back across the country at an unhurried pace.

Unfortunately for me, it's gotta be the later editions, from the 70's, with AC, those steerable headlights, and the bigger engine. So this one's fair game, folks. Happy bidding, and good luck with that "minor" leaky sphere. I'm sure it's nothing.

result: sold for $9,101

1962 Citroen ID19 Wagon NO RESERVE!, currently $7,950, auction ends July 14 -- Bastille Day! [ebaymotors]


I've always wanted a 1972 (or thereabouts) DS21, myself. Have since I first saw one on the road as a kid. But I don't much care for the US spec round headlights/

Unfortunately, all Citroen DS' devolve into this, unless you have a Jay Leno strength car maintenance operation.

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