July 10, 2007

Toxic Industrial Cloud Plush Toy


I can't beat - Dutch artist Dennis Douven's own description of Cloud X.1:

‘Cloud X.1’ is an environmentally conscious 10″ handmade plush, patterned after the Toxic industrial cloud creatures which I first created as a street art sticker, named: ‘Little Factory’. The red sign on the clouds chest (the place where the heart belongs to be) stands for Toxicity and Pain. The sad expression of this design is intended to be elicited and subversive.
Douven's shop HazChem still has a few X.1's available. They're EUR15,95 apiece. He also just released a smaller version. Cloud X.2, the "environmentally conscious cuddle cloud," is 16x9.5cm, and has a little string loop on it, so you can hang it from the stroller--or the rearview mirror of your SUV or your Christmas tree. It's EUR9.95.

Unfortunately, Douven's ENG, as in Eng and Cheng, the twin plush dolls conjoined by Velcro, which were exhibited with the felt scalpel at the Medical Experiments Toy Show in Asheville last spring, are a custom one-off and not available for sale.


Cloud X.2 and Cloud X.1 are available at HazChem [bytedust.nl via notcot]

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"[E]licited and subversive" (emphasis mine). Wow! It's squibs like this that make me wish I knew what native English-speakers were doing -- equally charmingly, I'm sure -- with other languages.

[he had me at "Toxicity and Pain" -ed]

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