July 9, 2007

Two Boobs: Park Slope Pizza Joint A Lactivist Clubhouse

Well, on the bright side, we don't need to rely on the British for long, silly articles about Park Slope Parenting anymore. [update: or at least on the British media. The writer Samantha Storey grew up in London. Oy. Thanks Liza for the catch/correction].

According to the New York Times, PSP is--did you guess yet?--a lot like high school. Every mom "clique" has its own restaurant hangout; the nursers all hang out [sic] at Two Boots Pizza:

The restaurant is fairly big by Brooklyn standards, with room for about 30 tables or so. Seated in the middle were three mothers, nursing their babies. And even though there were just three of them, they managed to take up 29 of the surrounding tables, with their strollers, diaper bags, baby carriers and swaddling blankets.

I had stumbled upon an assembly of breasts, mine included, as I nursed my own baby. While I struggled to manipulate my son’s head to cover as much of my breast as possible, these women took their comfort with nakedness to a whole new height.


If only I was a 14-year-old boy!

As a former 14-year-old boy myself, I can only say they couldn't be any more uncomfortable about seeing a boob in public than the Times' writer. Now if the Times would kindly tell us which Park Slope restaurant Uma hangs out in...Oh.


The Park Slope Parent Trap [nyt]
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I'm gonna let that other guy comment, 'cause I got nothin' here...

But she is British...

"It reminded me of villages in London, where I grew up, with its [cheerio, pip, pip, yaddah, yaddah] all within a stone’s throw of one another."

[d'oh, how'd I miss that? fie on her, then -ed.]

I saw that article and was thinking that if I had learned one thing from DT, it was the stroller mania of Park Slope. Unfortunately you neglected to mention that Uma was flashing people left and right there too.

(Yeahhhhh, I really got nothin too. Figures, sorry Kaz.)

[except the rig in the Times is a Joovy at best, and Uma lives in Manhattan. -ed.]

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