July 9, 2007

DT Namewatch: Superlatives Edition

Gawker's running a poll of sorts: Pick The Most Pretentious Baby Name Consultant Contest 2007. Voting starts tomorrow, but there's one more chance to add names. The runners up that didn't make it to voting:

Luxman, Dodger, Amaranth, Arcadia, Clooney, Trench, Hegemony, Crimson, Lexston, Gingerly, Setanta, Søren, Pembroke, Lumiere, Dulcimer, Fayemus, Elgin.
I'm sure the 25% of Norwegian fjord fishermen named Søren will be relieved to know they're not pretentious.

Meanwhile, the votes have been tallied, and it's unanimous. The winner of the Most Unlikely Name Heard On The Playground In Park City This Morning Contest 2007: Alta [rhymes with Malta].

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