July 8, 2007

The IKEA Diaper Bag & Changing Pad, Complete [Thanks Again, Mom!]

Yep, it works. The IKEA Diaper Bag & Changing Pad, complete

So a couple of months ago, after seeing Funk-Station's computer bag reworking of the classic blue IKEA bag, I wondered if you couldn't tweak it into a diaper bag, too. It has three separate pockets and both hand and shoulder straps--though the current Ikea bags don't have the very handy snaptab closures of the vintage ones. The base and the leftover fabric are the exact same size, and changing pad-shaped. It seemed like Destiny.

Sure enough, after I picked it apart, my mom stitched it together in about ten minutes. I would totally use this next winter.

howto photoset: The 59 cent Ikea diaper bag and changing pad [flickr]


"next winter"

Did I miss the memo about a second kid on the way?

uh yeah. what's happening next winter?

dude, your mom is awesome :)

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