July 7, 2007

Wack Sparrow: Sweet, New Nursery Furniture From Oeuf


These Sparrows may cost more than a farthing, but not much more. Oeuf's new Sparrow line of nursery furniture hits a sweet spot in the market, the mid-priced [$600-800] segment for folks who like modernist design, who want more than Ikea, but who can't fathom the new crib being the most expensive piece of furniture in the house.

When Sparrow debuted at the International Gift Fair a few months ago, it really stood out, both for the simplicity of the design, but also for the color. Whether it's inspired by the oeuf de moineau, I don't know, but that grey is freakin' awesome.

It also comes in white and pink, which are arriving a month ahead of the grey. But not to worry: with all the money you save on the nursery, the Bugaboo's practically free; and the kid can sleep in the bassinet for a month until the shipping container of grey Sparrow makes it over from Europe in late August.

The Sparrow joins a whole flock of mid-priced, high-design options that've come on the market this year, including David Netto's Cub Collection; Argington's Sahara Crib [which slots together with the Delphi Changing Table in a most excellent manner]; and Truck/Nurseryworks' Loom Crib, which has those sweet, asymmetrically spaced spindles. All in all, it's a good time to be having a mid-priced baby.

Oeuf Sparrow Nursery collection ranges from $650 for the Crib to $680 for the Changing Table, and includes a wardrobe, nightstand, and even a twin bed.

Check out the whole range at Oeuf's site. [oeufnyc.com]


"that grey is freakin' awesome." ... I hear that.

Oh I love Ouef's new collection, I always find their nurseries so so cute!
And I agree that the grey is awsome, but don't know if I'd have it myself, though.

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