July 2, 2007

Use The Craft Glue, Rick! Star Wars Stroller Modder Speaks


After his son's AT-AT Imperial Walker-modded stroller made the Internet rounds, Star Wars fan dad Rick Russo finally stepped into AJ's Thingamababy spotlight. And now he's given an interview with the Star Wars Blog, explaining his inspiration for the stroller, and some key how-to tips, in case you have any Rebellion-crushing stroller mods stopping across the frozen tundra of your mind:

Describe some of the other cool add-ons — like the mobile.

The snowspeeder mobile is my favorite part and that was a last minute add-on. That required a few trial and errors before I got that right. Even though I wasn’t going for movie-accurate, I did want them to be in scale with the walker. Cutting tiny pieces of foam is painstaking. The four speeders were dangling from a piece of cushion cut into the shape of Rebel logo. There was also a crashed, smoking speeder under one of the walkers feet. A lot of people didn’t notice, but the underside of the speeders were painted different colors with different shapes painted on them as well. So daddy geeks out and Reed gets educational stimulation. Baby Einstein eat your heart out! [emphasis added where classic]

At last, balance has been restored to The Force, or at least the stroller-hacking quadrant of it, anyway.

DIY AT-AT Baby Stroller [starwarsblog, image: one of several by rick russo in the starwarsblog photostream]
Previously: DIY AT-AT Stroller: Who's Luke's Reed's Father?

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