July 2, 2007

AMC Gucci Sportabout Not Just Gucci, "Gucci"

1972 Sportabout ad.jpg

And here I thought the Gucci baby carrier was the label's tackiest foray into the family market. No one told me about the AMC Gucci Sportabout, a souped up, "fashion-oriented Hornet" wagon featuring "boldly striped green, red, and buff vinyl seats" designed by Dr. Aldo Gucci, who was not, present visual evidence to the contrary, the Gucci Gucci's wacked out, trademark devaluing, taste-challenged uncle. [Except that he was!] AMC was righter than they knew when they put quotes around "Gucci" in their 1972-73 marketing materials.


AMC "Gucci" Sportabout [amchornet.com via Hemming's blog's report on the equally "chic" AMC Levi's Gremlin]


Oh man, I recall when Gucci sold out and that buff, red, and green color scheme was all over the place. The 70s, how they sucked, fashionwise.

More like "Gucci"one.

i have a 72 gucci great shape dont know what to do with it

OK Ben, whats the story, how did you come by the gucci sportabout? My husband bought one for 50.00 from some guy he worked with..we loved it. I wish we still had it. Can you post some pics?

Sold at the Tom Mack auction last weekend:

1973 AMC Hornet Gucci Station Wagon, 30,000 miles, $6,660 ($6,996 with commission.

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