June 29, 2007

LOLOL Eero Aarnio Puppy: Three For $98 At DWR


Unbelievable. DWR is having their summer sale. Among the deals on offer: three--yes, three--Eero Aarnio Puppies, originally $99 each, for just $98. WITH FREE SHIPPING.

Ridiculously cheap, and yet $22 MORE than the Netto crib & changing table.

I don't know what's more hilarious: the crazy bargain price, or the idea that anyone would actually want three. Or the idea of a DWR warehouse somewhere, stuffed to the rafters with biomorphically abstracted, green plastic dogs.

At this price, you could almost just order them for someone as a joke, without telling them who it's from. Just one day the UPS guy suddenly shows up at their house with three giant, curiously light boxes.

Eero Aarnio Puppy: Buy 3 for $98./ Summer Sale + Free Standard Shipping [dwr via naomi, who is en fuego]


Well, between this and the rapid decompression of DWR Jax, I guess it's safe to say people with kids are not DWR's customers.

Dutch is not going to be happy ...

[he will be when a dozen dogs show up on his doorstep... -ed]

I'm just glad my daughter wasn't looking over my shoulder when I saw this. Then we'd have four of those damn things.

[oh, just you wait 5-9 business days. and check out the latest edition of Dwell. They're stacked to the rafters at Aarnio's house, too. -ed.]

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