June 29, 2007

Cadillac To Offer First Station Wagon Since The Jackson 5ive


When GM announced that the mid-sized Cadillac BLS wagon and sedan will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, they made the sweeping claim that the car "marks a new milestone for the brand" as "the first station wagon in Cadillac's 104-year history."

And GM's PR fluff is entirely and 100% accurate if by "first," they mean "first that wasn't driven by the Jackson Five."


At some point in the recent past, just recent enough to make you feel like you could've had a chance to buy it--you were thisclosedammit--Vintage Motors of Sarasota, Inc. sold a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood station wagon that, though the details of provenance weren't spelled out, was "believed to be Jackson 5 Family Car."


It had a 375hp 472-inch V8. It was "fully loaded," with the kind of opulent vinyl upholstery that embossed your cheek with paisleys if you fell asleep in the back seat. It had a television and footrests in the back. If it had a rear-facing seat, then you know where Marlon was relegated after his beatings. What Papa Joe said went, and if you couldn't dance like Michael, you couldn't watch TV like Michael. [Glad that all turned out so well.]


Anyway, in a move that will surely mark a new milestone for the brand, the first station wagon in Cadillac's 104-year history with more than two degrees of separation from Macaulay Culkin's ass goes on sale in November. In Germany.

Cadillac BLS Wagon Coming To Frankfurt [jalopnik]
1971 Cadillac Fltwd StationWAGEN, 48K miles, Believed to be Jackson 5 Family Car - SOLD [vintagemotorssarasota.com]


G- don't tell me that you've smoked the auto companies' Kool-aid, too!
Cadillac already sells a station wagon, it's called the SRX. Mommies and Daddies can tell themselves that they are driving a rugged, edgy, "crossover", but you should know better.
No more Citroens for you until you've learned your lesson!

[gotta side with Jalopnik on that one: I have no idea wtf the SRX is. -ed.]

I have to say it is as unstylish as the last one. Not something I would purchase, but I'm sure some will. I doubt they will hold their value.


There are some serious Caddy wagons from the 50s. If you are in any doubt, sit out on NC 50 headed in towards Crabtree Valley Mall around 7 pm on a Saturday night, and you will see an all-original version--with 2tone paint no less, hauling down the road with Daddy at the wheel, Mama riding shotgun and backseats full of kids.

Of course, if that's too much trouble, you could just google 1955 Cadillac Wagon....

Cloth diapers and high fiber poops,


I own a 1975 Fleetwood Castilian Estate Wagon. Mine has a giant hatch back. The one here has a clamshell tailgate. Really cool design but owning one now is real nightmare if the tail gate breaks down. It's got a nylon gear in the roof that receives the glass and when that goes you not only have a nightmare finding one but getting some one who knows how to install it is just as hard. And forget it if your rear ended.

call gene Winfield. he built them and he has one today

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