June 28, 2007

Freeway-Shaped Miles Carpet By Big-Game


In their interview with MocoLoco, members of the Swiss design firm Big-Game explain that each object in their new Plus Is More collection is created using a simple strategy: "We never use shapes as a starting point, always ideas."

Their carpet, Miles, is based on the actions of a kid playing around with a toy car. In a neat reversal, of course, once the hand-tufted wool rug goes into the house, it can prompt the play it's inspired by, becoming "an infinite freeway interchange." It comes with three wooden toy cars. [Or at least it will; there's no indication on their site that it's going into production just yet. If it does, it'll probably be a limited edition of 30 and sold at Galerie Kreo in Paris, like their previous carpet design, Flatpack, which is shaped like an unfolded cardboard box. By the way, shouldn't that rug be called Kilo? Just sayin'.]

yanagi_wandering.jpgMiles reminds me of a series of drawings made in 1997 by the Japanese artist Yukinori Yanagi. Titled, "Wandering Position," the works were made on the floor. Yanagi released a single ant, and then assiduously traced its route with a red crayon for about 15-20 minutes at a time. The ones I saw were all 5x7 feet, the size of a cell at Alcatraz. It would several take days to complete a drawing.

Maybe Yanagi could recreate this work, only this time, use the dimensions of a single office cubicle. Hanging it in the kid's room above a Miles rug could be the most effective training ever for a lifetime spent commuting to a mindless corporate job.
Damn, I am seriously bumming right now.

2 Questions for Big-Game [mocoloco]
Miles carpet, from the Plus Is More collection by Big-Game [big-game.ch]
Yukinori Yanagi: Alcatraz, Wandering Position, Peter Blum Gallery, 1997 [artseensoho.com]

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