June 27, 2007

Kickass Geekdad Ikeahack Problemsolves Topbunk Smackdown


What a great feeling it must be to take a hacksaw to a piece of Ikea furniture. Wired's Geekdad needed an efficient reconfigure for their two sons' room, so they chopped up the bunkbed and bolted it to the wall to make a two-kid loft with storage and playspace underneath.

In their defense, I think they completed this before Skip*Hop declared war on primary colors. Plus, I think the Geekkids are a few years out of the Skip*Hop demographic.

Hacking Ikea for a Cool Kids Bedroom [wired.com via the nursery]

1 Comment

No defense necessary as the boys were old enough to be listened to re. their own color preferences, eh?

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