June 27, 2007

DT Retail Scoutabout: Bugaboos At Babies R Us Edition!

A few random retail links that came across my--HOLY SMOKES, THEY'RE SELLING BUGABOOS AT BABIES R US???!!


They showed up on the BRU website a few days ago, and in Union Square. I asked a Bugaboo source what's up: 22 stores and online, Frogs only, in red and black. Back in the day, in 2 B.C. (Before Cameleon), FAO Schwartz existed and used to stock only red Frogs. Good luck on the upscaling, BRU!


  • Just in case you thought the whole world was stopping for the iPhone launch, there's also Polo outlet opening somewhere in New Jersey [Flemington. It's not on the Turnpike, so I have no idea.] that is devoted entirely to children's clothes. This polo.com link may or may not give you a $20 coupon.]
  • Steve Jobs' real greatest accomplishment this week: getting Disney to stop making horrible, moneygrubbing direct-to-DVD sequels. Moneygrubbing sequels with theatrical release will still continue. [via consumerist]
  • Little Fashion Gallery is having a summer sale on sweet baby and kid clothes, up to 40% off, which takes the prices for labels like Caramel and Album di Famiglia from XXL to L.
  • Did someone say sale? DT advertiser Sparkability's scored another small batch of Nurseryworks furniture--including some rockers this time--in discontinued colors, that they're selling for 30% off, with 1-2 week delivery. See, procrastination can pay off--if your favorite colors are copper, brick or lemon.
    [Attention DT shoppers: Mark from Sparkability just emailed, offering to include DT readers in one of their mailing list subscriber-only promotions: 10% off all non-sale orders over $250 between now and 6/30--whoa, that's this weekend. Use coupon code: furn07 at checkout.]

    Oh yeah, did I mention I went to Kid-o the other day, and they have the Momoll slot-together ply dollhouse and kitchen/dj turntable in the window? Freakin' gorgeous. Also expensive. Also, they don't have the plexi version dollhouse, just the all-ply one. Also probably not slot-togetherable by kids under 4 or 5 without adult help. Also, freakin' gorgeous.

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    I know you've said you're not baiting me with the Bugaboo posts. But the thing is, I'm really starting to like them and it may be all your fault. If you can reduce the price by about $600 bucks I might actually consider buying one. No really.

    But instead I'm going to go ahead and get this one... a Bugaboo knock off that I've heard excellent things about (any opinions) and keep dreaming.

    I still will NEVER drag it through the mud though even if it's okay to do that. It just wouldn't seem right.

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