June 25, 2007

Beuys & Art Bunnies, Bunnies Dell'Arte


I've got so many tabs open in my browser it's dragging my whole [ancient backup] computer down. But I'm glad I waited a couple of days to post these sweet, Venetian crafty plush bunnies from Imegadito. Their stuff is for sale at the Biennale di Venezia bookshop, though whether the voracious artworld hordes left any of these Biaconiglio or Darkoniglio bunnies behind for the popoli, io no solo.


I DO know that there are nine Beuys Bunnies available on etsy at the moment, and some more are available to order. Craft artist/arts educator/etsy-ite daskaninchen made them from one of Beuys' signature materials, grey felt, and based them on his landmark 1965 performance, How To Explain Pictures To A Dead Hare. [Not that she's a dead hare or anything, but Beuys' daughter Jessyka was born in 1964.] The working hypothesis is that you'll have a much better time of it explaining Dead Hare to the kid someday if you can pull out the old gnawed-on felt bunny as a teaching tool. Whether it works or not, $15 is still less than admission to MoMA.

[imegadito.com via notcot ]
beuys bunny, $15, in deskaninchen's etsy shop [etsy.com via swissmiss]

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