June 22, 2007

THWAK! This Comic Book Store Poster Belongs Over A Crib


This is spectacular. Chicago designer and photoblogger Nick Campbell took this picture last year in a comic book store. Whether you're DC or Marvel, X-Men or Avengers, Stan Lee or Jack Kirby, Lichtenstein or Warhol, Gursky or Hofer, this is the kind of educational material the kid needs exposure to, pronto.

Fortunately for 248 of you, it's the latest limited edition creation to come up in the Coudal Partners Swap Meat, an inspired, facilitated exchange of random creativity and stuff. Campbell and Coudal produced the image as digitally printed, 28x18-inch posters, which are just $20 each.

Actually, now there are only 247.

Comic Book Store Poster by Nick Campbell, aka Greyscale Gorilla, ed. 250, $20 [coudal.com]
"Comics" 03-05-2006 [greyscalegorrilla.com]


Very very very cool. What if we put up a wall with ACTUAL comic books instead for Baby's room? That would solve the problem I've got with 6 long boxes of comics languishing in the closet.

Umm, the kid might TOUCH the comic books, Kiki...

I've got the same problem with comics and 45s. Those white long boxes are hideous.

oooh...good point. Having him gnaw the first edition Watchmen in polypropylene bags and acid free boards would be bad! Bad! But...(wistfully) it would look cool on the wall for a while. How sad is it that I'm willing to risk the Watchmen for style?

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