June 22, 2007

Scandinavian Pram Antics

So a few months back, this guy from Holland emails and is all, in Denmark and Sweden they put their kids out on the terrace in their strollers to sleep until they're like 13 or whatever.

And I was like, no way, wouldn't that totally warp them?

And he was all, I don't know, bro, that's just what I hear.

And then I saw this video and I was like, duhyeah, dude.


Future candidates for the Darwin Awards...

On a side note, can we take up a collection to get these kids a steadicam? I'm dizzy now.

This is so true! My sister lives in Stockholm with her Swedish husband and two Scan Am children. They are really into the fresh air there, and think it makes the kiddos sleep better. NB: they DO dress them for the weather.

When I lived in Japan there was a show on various childrearing practices; one segment was on a Japanese family living in one of the Nordic countries and the other parents there convinced her to try putting her child outside in winter to sleep for a half hour or so (which is all they keep them out there for...), so I'm pretty sure it's a normal thing out there.

I don't think it's bad for the kids... it seems better than letting the kids cook in multiple blankets in a warm room and get nasty heat rashes.

My mom used to put me out on the apartment terrace to nap in the winter all the time. If it was a sunny day, she'd bundle me up and stick me out there so just my little eyes and nose were sticking out and evidently it was the only way I'd nap for longer than 2 minutes. Probably explains why I felt like I was the only mother of an infant at the park last winter with my butterball of fleece loving having the baby swings all to her self.

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