June 21, 2007

Hand-Crocheted Tool Belt: Il Golfini Per Il Lavoratori


Except for the whole propagandistic profiteering by making dangerously inaccurate War On Terror Finger Puppets for an Administration-friendly design demagogue thing, Il Golfini della Nonna can do no wrong in my eyes. They're wonderful people--artists, all--who support entire communities of artisans in the developing world by hand-making beautiful and imaginative toys and objects.

They previewed this, their latest Tribute To The Workers Of The World, at the Bubble NY trade show in the Spring. It's a hand-crocheted tool belt, complete with alpaca saw, ruler, and pliers. It will either prepare children for the glorious day when they get their union card [unless they're non-white or non-male, of course], or it will nurture in them a warm sense of noblesse oblige toward the amigos you picked up at 7-11 to install your new kitchen cabinets. Authentically priced at the equivalent monthly wage of a master carpenter in Guatemala.

Hand-crocheted tool belt from Il Golfini della Nonna, $85 [thisisauto.com via swissmiss]

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