June 20, 2007

Chewbacca Drives A Maclaren!!


By 1979, Star Wars was in its third theatrical release in LA, and theater owners were cooking up promotions for luring people in. Like offering free admission to anyone who showed up in costume, even if it was the costume from Six Million Dollar Man. And apparently, like letting seven month-old kids into the theater. I hope it was worth it, because 28 years later, it's this dad's top Google result.

Bret Pardo, dressed as a Wookie, pushes his daughter Stephanie Pardo in a stroller in North Hollywood [lat/ucla digital archive via thingamababy]


That's just creepy.

Although, it wouldn't be "as" creepy if the baby was dressed as a Wookie.

Whatever! That is NOT creepy! You try smoking weed and going to a Star Wars Convention. Let's see what you wear!

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