June 14, 2007

Baby On Board For Now Sign


This seems to be either a Romanian product, or strictly a DIY project. Have at it, send pictures. [pcnet.ro via core77]


My mom used to have a sign on her window that said "Brat in the Trunk"

I remember a few years ago, you used to be able to buy the suction cup screaming babies. It was about the same era as the suction-cup Garfields

Back in the "old days" ... this might have been fun ... however, I'd certainly think the local constabulary would be interested in talking with any parent that actually had this in their window ... oh well ...

THis is a hoot...I love a mum and dad with a good sense of humour...wish I had one of those dolls...lol...and I love the comment about the brat in the boot (trunk)

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