June 13, 2007

Madre De Dios! Is There Really Only ONE Photo Of The Dancing Sperm Children Of San Juan?


Puerto Rico -
Gay rights commotion
Set the sperm dance kids in motion.
Always the leotards showing,
Always the civil unions no-ing,
And the sermons flowing.
Daddy Yankee streaming,
And the natives screaming,
"This ain't no island Manhattan,
Don't smoke that pipe or put that in!"

"Jovenes dramatizan frente el Capitolio personificandos unos espermatozoides que fueron pintados de colores" [el nuevo dia via blabbeando & gawker]
West Side Story - "America" [youtube.com]

1 Comment

We're lucky we even got one photo. The dancing sperm children of San Juan are as elusive as the yeti.

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