June 9, 2007

L'Etat, C'est This Keith Haring Rocking Baby

image: haring.com

I generally like my Keith Haring on a wall, preferably loadbearing. [Did you know the Boy's Club of NY building which had that Keith Haring mural, the one in that Sesame Street segment, was just torn down? In exchange for the right to sell it, a couple of art dealers helped salvage the piece, though, by encasing it in steel and bringing the building down around it. Then they hauled it to Jersey. Could sell for $4-6 million. True story. Also, did you know that the animation cels were painted after Haring's death and they still want $300+ apiece for them? Also true.]

Anyway, the French toy company Vilac makes Keith Haring goods for kids. The play furniture has never done it for me, to be honest. Four colors of Haring chairs mayb throw their hands in the air, but I just don't care for details like that flat, square seat and the front 'n center bolt heads, which gives it a cheap, [PRINT TRADEMARKED CHARACTER IMAGE HERE] feel that's at odds with its artist/artisanal origins.


So the Haring furniture's a little schlocky, and their wooden Citroen 2CV doesn't work. Yet Vilac's Calder animals and Yoshitomo Nara pulltoy dog are awesome. Too bad they don't have baseball in France, because it's the only sport where a 50% hit rate sounds like a lot.


On the plus side, though, just check out the incredible utopia that awaits your child when you buy her a Keith Haring Rocking Baby:

This wonderful Baby Rocker is the best and most stylish gift one can imagine! Every French child grows up with these amazing creations from Vilac! Look, play and be happy! Guarantees hours of fun and memories that will last a lifetime!
Sounds like an expensive centralized government program to me, but hey, 750,000 rocking babies a year can't be wrong.

Keith Haring Baby Rocker in white is $199 at Nova68 [nova68.com[
Vilac Artiste toys and designs [vilac.com]

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