June 9, 2007

Gen. Mills Thinks My Fruity Cheerios Love Is Unnatural

Fruity Cheerios for Moms & Kids Only

I've been meaning to tell you about my Fruity Cheerios love for a while now. At first, I fought it. "Fruity Cheerios? Bah! Real men feed their kids Froot Loops."

But then when I was drunk one morning--DUDE, I was SO wasted!--I guess I experimented with them a bit, and wow. They were like Froot Loops but not so sweet. Like Cheerios, but not so cardboardy.

I mean, why limit yourself, right? So we began buying Fruity Cheerios AND straight Cheerios. It was like the best of both worlds.

And so here I was, about to declare my Fruity Cheerios Love to the world, when I spy this message from General Mills. It's like a "don't ask, don't tell" policy for dads. Who do you think just powered through that box, General?

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My little one is addicted but we just cant buy these out in Asia. Anyone know of a company who will ship international?

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